Importance of Teaching Materials

January 11th, 2014

Whether dance music, math, oral expression, and thus we can deduce that the child has an affinity for different talents so it is important to note personally that has served us well this work we have done for perform much more our pedagogical knowledge.

Operating criteria

This research is possible because it has the necessary bibliographic resource, with the assistance of trained people with whom they could discuss the issue, also has the technology like the computer is important for the development of the subject instrument and pose also needed for the same resource.

Institutional approach

This item on the Didactic Material is of interest considering that it is not used as a teaching medium and for this reason we focus to provide alternatives to improve the institution for relevant changes that teachers change their strategies and give way to supplement teaching materials in the classroom.

Philosophical foundations

The theme of the teaching materials is of great importance for this reason he was chosen by the authors of this research work for the child without adequate material develops its learning potential because it must be exposed to specific material, manipulate and classify only in this way the child learns significantly.

This model is currently Instructional Materials wants to help children develop through learning materials, this depends on the use and meaning that gives teachers the Didactic Material and is considered as an Educational Resource.

Then we can say that the media or channels serving teachers and students that support the methods and procedures used in the classroom and contribute to achieving the objectives, skills and competences.

Support the development areas related to thinking, oral and written language, imagination, socialization, knowledge of self and others, learning materials have gained increasing importance in contemporary education. Forced presets and physical threats were no longer viable methods long ago, leading to stimulation of the feelings and imagination.

The gradinita particulara iasi Didactic material is important as it leads the boys and girls work, investigate, discover and build, thus acquires a dynamic functional aspect favoring the opportunity to enrich the experience of toddlers approximating to reality and offering opportunity to act. Instructional Materials will rout to increase motivation, interest, attention, understanding and performance of educational work and at the same time to strengthen the use and development: the senses, cognitive skills, emotions, activities and values people and natural contexts.

Instructional material important contributions in education are necessary for the teacher manages information on the material, especially for children in preschool children with different types of books, reading modes, also including within the planning, developing the child's teacher this will allow you to love and care, always having in mind the best way to use it and its due importance.

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